The good friends, Villjam Edström and P-A Gustafsson, were talking over a glass of whisky as they sometimes do. While the evening progressed they got more and more imaginative (I wonder why?) and eventually began talking about fashion and essential accessories. It was at that moment, what would one day become OAK Company, started to take shape.

Eventually, the idea of creating an accessory that was more than just a thing came up. But they wanted some kind of connection between the wearer and the item. And as they were enjoying a dram of Scotch at that moment it was a fairly easy association to make. Is it not a good idea to reuse the oak from old whisky casks and combine it with high quality, elegant fashion accessories!? To infuse a piece of jewellery with the history and soul of old oak and aged whisky. Just brilliant!

The idea was then floated among friends. Based on their reactions they decided to advance on the idea. Even though the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter might not be the optimal platform to launch such a product, it was a fast and easy way to test the concept on a bigger scale. It turned out not to be a good idea, but a great one. The project was funded within days and it was an easy decision to bring the OAK Cufflinks to life.